EU Accession States

We are happy to welcome doctors from the EU accession states.

Bulgaria and Romania – please click here for the latest information we have

As we understand it, the British Government decided to impose gradual access for the 2 newest accession states and skilled workers will need to obtain permission to be able to work. Please check the Home Office website  for accurate information on immigration and work permit matters.

General Medical Council:

The General Medical Council (opens new window)

For information on how to apply, please follow this link (new window will open). A useful fact sheet (new window will open) is available here.
Please note that the GMC now requires all EU nationals to attend a pre-registration identity check before registration is granted. To read more, please follow the link (new window will open).

National insurance number:

If you do not have a British National Insurance number, you must get one. To get a National Insurance number, you must make an appointment for an “evidence of identity” interview at the nearest Job Centre. This is a government office which can be found in most large towns or city districts. You will need to take proof of identity (such as a passport) as well as evidence that you are working. You can find the nearest office in the telephone directory.

Worker registration scheme for accession state doctors:

From 1 May 2004, most nationals of the new member states (except Cyprus and Malta) working in the UK will be subject to the Accession State Worker Registration Scheme. Where they are subject to the scheme, they need to register if they plan to work for more than one month for an employer in the UK.

Please see the official Working in the UK website for more details. It is the doctor’s responsibility to register as soon he or she starts working.

Our English policy

In the interest of good medical practice and patient safety, hospitals are required to ensure that spoken and written English are of a high standard, even for EU nationals. We cannot overemphasize the importance of good English, without it you would not be able to pass an interview and get a job.

Medical English course in Poland

Dr Marek Saferna is our associate in Poland . Although not directly connected with our service, he runs a school of Medical English in Poland . His ‘English in Medicine’ correspondence courses turned out to be very helpful for many Polish doctors seeking jobs in the UK . Please see USEFUL LINKS for details.

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