MK-677 (Ibutamoren): Keys About Nutrabol Revealed [Shocking]

MK-677 is one of the most well-known compounds in the industry at the moment. It is more famous for its internet notoriety compared to its clinical study data.

You May Also know MK677 as Ibutamoren or Nutrabol.

As we said, there is a lot of information available out there on this particular compound.

Most of it shows that MK-677 is excellent at boosting IGF-1 and growth hormone levels. Additionally, there are a lot of other advantages associated with Ibutamoren Mesylate which we will explore in-depth throughout this review.


Most online forums mention that MK-677 is a muscle-building compound that you could purchase over the counter to improve your growth hormone levels.

These discussions leave out a very important part of the puzzle. Since only a few clinical studies have been conducted to corroborate these claims.

We will talk about all of the available info on Mk677 (Ibutamoren).

This way, you can choose whether or not it might be well worth researching with.

To be clear, Ibutamoren doesn’t belong to the SARMs household. The Same as using Cardarine and Stenabolic it is just promoted as a SARM to make things easier.

Among the most notable claims made about Ibutamoren is that it may increase the secretion of development factors-1 (IGF-1) and growth hormone (GH).

It does this by simply imitating how the ghrelin hormone works. This enables it to bind onto among their brain’s committed ghrelin receptors (GHSR). Once activated, GHSR subsequently stimulates the creation of the growth hormone in the brain.

Compound Profile:                  Recommended Dosage:                   CAS Number:                      Half-life:
MK-677 (Ibutamoren)            10 to 20mg daily                                159634-47-6                        6 hours

It’s interesting to note that GHSR is especially within the brain regions. This region functions like memory, biological rhythms, disposition, pleasure, appetite, and cognition.

Naturally, MK-677 may have an impact on those functions also, whether it’s to increase or reduce them.

Why is MK-677 so exceptional is that it can increase GH levels. But it doesn’t interrupt the activity of other hormones in your body like cortisol.

If it did, you’d experience side effects. These would include reduced immune function, impaired wound healing and a diminished ability to learn and memorize information.

Luckily, that’s not likely to occur with Nutrobal.


As mentioned, MK-677 works by imitating the activity of ghrelin. In case you’re wondering, ghrelin is a naturally occurring hormone.

It acts as a neuropeptide in the central nervous system. Mostly, this hormone is known for its capacity to stimulate a ravenous appetite!

This is also to the regulation of energy distribution in the body. It also impacts the way our bodies metabolize fat. It can also affect our ability to recuperate from conditions like Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

When taken by itself, MK677 has the potential to boost HGH generation without bothering other hormones. Users also enjoy the fact that Ibutamoren doesn’t suppress the body’s existing levels of growth hormones and testosterone, which is a huge bonus contemplating the advantages.

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1. Builds Muscle
MK-677 is a favorite because of its anabolic properties. This enables it to market the lean profits that most athletes are after. These effects can only be activated once Nutrobal is taken orally once per day.

That is because it not only boosts IGF-1 amounts but it raises growth hormone production also. When taken together, these benefits can help you increase muscle strength and size whilst significantly reducing the total amount of body fat you have.

A double-blind randomized controlled trial was conducted by 24 obese men over a period of 2 months and they had been awarded MK-677 for a therapy. Within two weeks, the participants showed an increase in basal metabolic rate (BMR) and they had more lean muscle mass.

MK-677 does not function exactly the same manner as a SARM, such as LGD-4033, Ostarine, RAD-140, etc.. It’s often compared to SARMs, however, they are not the exact same and operate differently.

2. Encourages Muscle Wasting
Still another double-blind randomized control trial study was conducted with eight food-deprived volunteers. In these participants, MK-677 was demonstrated to reverse protein reduction and muscle so they’d experienced because of diet and lifestyle.

MK-677 was also demonstrated to reduce the number of falls experienced by older patients with hip fractures. This randomized controlled trial helped the patients undergo better benefits while increasing muscle power.

3. Increases Bone Density
Studies indicate that GH can increase bone density by changing bone regeneration. The intriguing issue is that the process starts by lowering the bone turnover initially before raising it, which means it can take around 12 months to find the outcomes.

At a double-blind randomized controlled trial with 24 obese male participants, MK-677 was found to improve bone regeneration as expected.

In another three double-blind randomized controlled trials, MK-677 was able to enhance the body’s capacity to build stronger bones in elderly adults aged 65 years and older. Another study with 292 post-menopausal women found that MK-677 can significantly enhance bone strength through enhanced mineral density. This proved quite valuable in preventing osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

4. Helps with Sleep
MK-677 was proven to improve the quality and amount of REM sleep in both young and older participants of a double-blind randomized controlled trial study.

Besides the scientific proof, there’s lots of scientific evidence to support this claim. Many users have experienced improved sleep as a result of carrying MK-677.

Most of us know that sleep is an important part of the bodybuilding. It lets us recover quickly and gain strength for another training session.

5. Longevity
Once we are done with puberty, the body’s GH secretion amounts decrease radically. But, taking MK-677 can remedy this problem because it can boost IGF-1 and GH levels.

This relies on a double randomized controlled trial study that was conducted with 65 elderly guys. The participants were given a daily dose of MK-677 and showed increased GH levels then.

Yet another double-blind randomized controlled trial study was conducted by 24 obese men and it showed the same positive results.

6. Nootropic Effects
Since Ibutamoren can trigger the ghrelin receptor, then it might cause nootropic effects too. That said, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that the chemical has any effects on cognitive performance.

What we do know is that MK-677 can help improve brain function by indirectly influencing two mechanisms, namely:

  • Through the gain of IGF-1 which can help boost learning capacity and memory retention
  • Through enhanced quantity and quality of REM sleep. Sleep is vital to ensuring optimum cognitive function.

A multicenter double-blind randomized controlled trial research conducted Alzheimer’s patients attempted to determine the compound’s effect on this disorder. Alas, the results were inconclusive, therefore no treatment for Alzheimer’s yet.

7. Prevents Growth Hormone Deficiency
By now, we are aware that MK-677 has the capability to raise the creation of IGF-1, IGFBP-3 and also the growth hormone to assist children who are struggling with hormone deficiencies. The great news is that MK-677 was able to accomplish this without disturbing other hormones such as cortisol, insulin, thyrotropin, thyroxine (T4), glucose and triiodothyronine (T3).

Nonetheless, it appears that the exact same cannot be stated for adult patients. A double-blind randomized controlled trial with severely-GH deficient adult males found that along with improved IGF-1 amounts, the participants underwent increased sugar and insulin levels. Suffice to say this was a rare example of Ibutamoren actually disrupting different hormones.

8. Heals Wounds
The growth hormone improves the body’s ability to heal wounds and rebuild damaged tissue. MK677 is a no brainer when it comes to wound healing. However, this particular advantage is based on anecdotal evidence rather than scientific study.

9. Cures Hangovers
This is simply based on subjective and anecdotal evidence, but there are claims that MK-677 can actually cure hangovers.


The most frequent side effects related to MK677 contain muscle strain and an increased appetite.

Some studies showed that participants had decreased insulin sensitivity and greater fasting blood glucose. These are the very same effects shown in people who have higher growth hormone levels.

Suffice to say, Ibutamoren typically exhibits mild to no side effects at all save for one episode that stands out. From the study we mentioned previously which featured elderly patients with hip fractures, MK-677 led to spikes in blood glucose, blood pressure and even a possibility of congestive heart failure. As a result, the study had to be stopped because the patients who were experiencing these issues had a history of heart failure.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to curtail carb intake and maintain your insulin and blood sugar levels in check as much as you can. Taking MK-677 might help.

Of course, MK-677 isn’t recommended for cancer patients since it’s an anabolic substance that promotes GH and IGF-1 production.

It’s also ill-advised to take MK-677 if you are Th 1 dominant for the very same reasons mentioned previously.


MK-677 is largely available in liquid and capsule form. It is recommended to take orally in daily dosages up to 25 mg. It is your responsibility to divide the dosage or take it all at once.

Although there are a lot of users who take a larger dosage. We wouldn’t recommend you try this as higher dosages could expose you to severe adverse side effects.

It’s crucial that you start slow and gradually raise your dose. So, by way of example, you can start off with 10mg of MK677 every day as well as the dosage to 20-25mg a day.

MK-677 Cycle Example:

Length:                                          Amount:
two weeks +                                  10 to 20mg daily

You will also find that a lot of users pile SARMs with Nutrabol. It is reputed to improve the consequences and increase muscle gains.


The outcomes from Ibutamoren may differ from person to person and is really dosage-dependent.

By way of example, I was attempting to gain muscle so I used a higher dosage than when you’d only need the fountain of youth benefits.

From my personal experience, you can anticipate some serious gains. Not just in muscle increases but also in terms of improved sleep, skin, and hair thinning.

If you’re interested in finding a product that will bring your some’extra’ then this is the ideal compound for you.

I would always recommend using MK-677 if you are in bulk and need to gain lean muscle mass.

You basically can make use of it the whole year-round, but if you are cutting some body fat you would need to deal with the bloating correctly and observe what you are eating.

After choosing Nutrabol to get just 2 days you will find an increase in appetite, so if you’re bulking this is the perfect compound.

As you’re able to take this product year-round the outcomes aren’t as clear as LGD-4033 for example. Nonetheless, in my opinion, this chemical is definitely worth trying.


As mentioned prior to the outcomes from Ibatumoren are very impressive. In the image below you can really see the great effects, you definitely find an improvement in lean muscle mass.

The person from the image obviously had his diet in check as well. Combining your diet using a cycle of MK-677 can do wonders.

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It’s crucial that you buy SARMs from a reputable source. Lots of vendors are known to underdose their merchandise or worse, so they do not their products.

We purchase our MK-677 and other SARMs like YK-11 And S23 from SARMSX because it is the Highest Quality out there. Ibutamoren is for sale at many sellers. There aren’t a lot of vendors that assess their product on quality as SARMSX does.


There you’ve got it! Hopefully, you now understand enough about MK-677 to use it sensibly.

There is no doubt that this compound works well at increasing muscle size and strength, and it’ll help you burn fat and lose weight without sacrificing your diet.

Feel free to try it out but make certain that you utilize it in the recommended dosages and only source it from a respectable online vendor.

MK-677 (Ibutamoren): Keys About Nutrabol Revealed [Shocking]
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