Omnadren 250: Is It The Ideal Medication for Your TRT Protocol?

Do Not Buy Omnadren 250 Before You Read This Honest Inspection

Men in Europe, Australia and a number of other areas of the world, who want to hop around the TRT bandwagon are often prescribed transdermal patches such as Androderm, a Testosterone gel such as Androgel, or an injectable form of tests like Omnadren 250 or even Sustanon 250.

The two Omnadren and Sustanon are a combination of different testosterone esters and are used solely for TRT instead of for bodybuilding purposes.

Using a blend of esters that release at various times allows the endocrinologist to prescribe fewer injections rather than using one ester type of the test, which might take three or more pins weekly.

That is the argument that most physicians present to you.

But does this really hold water?

If anecdotal reviews would be to go by, then using a blend of esters only makes it increasingly challenging to control fluctuating testosterone levels.

How then do you take advantage of your own TRT protocol if you are stuck with something such as Omnadren 250?

Let us find out.

The Four Esters In Omnadren 250

The first Omnadren 250 formulation had four testosterone esters in the following concentrations.

  • Propionate — 30mg
  • Phenylpropionate — 60mg
  • Isocaproate — 60mg
  • Caproate — 100mg

Two of them are brief esters that get published in a couple of days. The Isocaproate ester is a moderate one which gets published in 5 to 6 days whereas that the Caproate ester has a half-life of 7 days.

This formulation is rarely used today. Even though it is still possible that you might find this if you purchase off a UG lab for self-administration.

The newest Omnadren 250 formula is similar to Sustanon 250, where the longest Caproate ester is substituted by Testosterone Decanoate which has a slightly longer half-life.

That means that you may very well interchange these two options based on their availability if need be.

What Is The Ideal Dosage for Omnadren 250?

Omnadren 250 Results – Omnadren 250 Steroid

That depends on so many variables, many of which are individual to you.

Your present T levels for example, any treatable underlying causes which might be causing the hypogonadism, your prostate health, existence of any inherent tumor, everything is ruled out before testosterone replacement has been prescribed.

The average dosage ranges from 100-250mg one time a week or once in two or even three weeks.

Many endocrinologists start with a minimal dose of say 50mg/week of Testosterone and monitor the T levels in addition to clinical symptoms prior to adjusting the dosage.

What Causes The Changes In Testosterone Levels?

In a solution which contains multiple testosterone esters, like Omnadren and Sustanon, the different esters activate at various times which causes peaks and troughs.

At the first 24 hours following the injection, your mood, libido, energy levels, everything only skyrockets as the brief esters kick-in and cause a summit in serum plasma testosterone levels.

But once these apparent the machine, it’s a couple of days before the medium ester testosterone becomes released.

This contributes to what’s called a ‘trough’ in medical terms. You experience a sudden crash in energy levels, hot flashes and mood changes.

Unfortunately, most present TRT protocols appear unequipped to deal with this.

Some endocrinologists might request that you change over to transdermal patches as these generally are not linked to the random changes in T levels.

The caveat is that not everyone can afford these patches. Also, these may trigger a horde of dermatological allergies in men with sensitive skin.

Another and simpler choice is to divide the dose and increase the frequency of pinning. So in case your TRT dose of Omnadren 250 is 1ml/250mg every 14 days, divide this into 50mg doses and snare every 3 times.

You pin longer but you are able to keep the Testosterone levels stable a ton easier.

Is Evaluation Cyp better than Omnadren 250 for TRT?

Anabolic Steroids James C by james.chiravelli on emaze

Testosterone Cypionate is the most frequently prescribed intramuscular form of testosterone for TRT in America.

This is a lengthy ester form of evaluation that has a half-life of 8-9 days. The injection protocol varies but is typically once a week or once in 8-10 days. No longer than that as it would introduce the same difficulty as what generally occurs with Omnadren 250.

The theory behind Test Cyp or any single ester form of Testosterone being better than a mix of multiple esters stems from the concept that it is a lot easier to control serum plasma levels.

There is no instantaneous spike in T levels following the injection. Instead, it’s a gradual and sustained release for a week. Before you hit a trough, you inject.

This doesn’t indicate that it is impossible to maintain stable levels on Omnadren. Just that it is a whole lot more work to control the amounts.

Then there’s Estrogen to consider, which is a whole different beast altogether.

Esters aromatize at various rates which influences estrogen levels differently as proven by a clinical study.

With Omnadren, you’ve got four distinct esters which will aromatize at various times and at different rates. This makes it all the more difficult to dial down the E2 levels using aromatase inhibitors or SERMS.

Can You Use It To Get A Steroid Cycle?

You can by all means. But the very same challenges would apply.

You would have to pin twice weekly rather than state once a week. If you’re planning to begin with a 250mg/week dose of test for your cycle, you’d have to split the dose to two and inject two.

Omnadren contains Test Prop as we mentioned earlier and the PIP brought on by those are similar to hell as they state. Picture doing this twice weekly. No, shifting needles isn’t going to do anything to get PIP. It’s due to the increased melting point of the esters.

Let us say you somehow manage to restrain the PIP, You would then need to run some mid-cycle bloodwork to know where your E2 amounts stand and utilize AI accordingly to prevent aromatization.

At precisely the same time, going overboard can actually crash your E2 levels which makes you feel like shit.

So yeah, while it’s possible to utilize Omnadren 250 for running a testosterone steroid cycle, then we recommend that you use it only as a last resort.

As long as you can, stick with single ester types of evaluation for your steroid cycle.

Omnadren 250: Is It The Ideal Medication for Your TRT Protocol?
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